Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hosting With SQL Server

In the past, windows hosting was considered out-dated and unreliable because of its old technology and lower speed. Today however with the widespread use of Windows server hosting it has gained popularity and is more reliable than ever. There are many reasons that one should choose a windows web hosting provider instead of a Linux provider. One reason is because it gives you the ability to access your server via the internet, this is called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or HTML.

Another benefit of windows hosting is that you do not need to install any additional software on your system. This is especially useful if you are only planning on running one website. Installing software such as cPanel and Plesk can consume disk space, which limits your potential bandwidth. If you were to use Linux hosting servers you would have to make room for these additional programs. Windows hosting servers are also very fast, which makes uploading or downloading your data much faster than if you were using a Linux server.

The biggest disadvantage of using Windows hosting is that it lacks the ability to be customized. When you select a windows web host you are choosing from a preset interface. Unless you want to change the look and feel of your interface, you will not be able to customize it in any way. This is a big disadvantage compared to a Linux system which allow you to change the operating system, add software and install any type of program you wish. Another disadvantage is that Microsoft’s SQL database is not compatible with Linux systems, which means that you will not be able to create any database on your windows server.

MS Access is another disadvantage compared to PHP. PHP is much more flexible than Access which allows it to perform complex functions that an Access user is unable to do. It is also more secure than Access, which makes it the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses. Another disadvantage is that it does not have support for Microsoft Sharepoint software which is required if you intend to have more than one website hosted on the server. However this is a very minor disadvantage when you compare it to the other advantages such as flexibility and security.

Another advantage that Sharepoint has over that of Microsoft SQL Server is that Microsoft provides full support for it on its own in its version of MS Access. On the other hand Microsoft has no support whatsoever for any other open source community like the PHP world. This means that it is better to host with a shareware program such as hostgator than to use windows server with it. On the other hand shareware programs are very cheap and a lot of people who run small businesses use them.

On the other hand, even though it has some disadvantages it is still an excellent choice for small businesses and home websites. If you can decide to go with windows hosting rather than shareware then you can increase the performance and storage capacity at almost no extra cost. I would suggest that you go for a windows hosting service rather than using shareware because it provides you with excellent functionality and great storage capacity.