How Do I Find Out Who Is Hosting A Website?

There are many reasons that one would want to know who is hosting a website. For instance, if you have an account on a forum and someone starts posting here without authorization you may want to know who it is. This is especially true if there is contact information provided with the IP address or username. If you do not see this you can perform a search using a search engine for the user name. Another way is to do a manual search in Google or Yahoo by typing the IP address or user name into the search box.

how do i find out who is hosting a website

One of the other ways of how do I find out who is hosting a website is to visit the website’s server. Usually this is done by checking the Whois database. If you find out that the server is registered to a company, you probably know that it is a corporate. There are many companies that allow people to register their domain names and websites with them.

In order to find out the owner of the domain you need to visit the Whois site. On the Whois site you can type in the domain name and look at the details of the owner. The Whois database has details of all servers that are registered with the WHOIS service. If the domain is registered with a host then you will see a line through which you can get the host’s IP address. You may need to pay a few dollars to view this data. It is however worth the cost if it means you can find out the person who owns the domain.

There are free methods of how do I find out who is hosting a website. If you have the IP address of a host then you can check the Whois record to find out any information about them. If you don’t have the IP address then you can use another method. A reverse search directory allows you to find out information such as the host’s name, address, other domains they own, email addresses, telephone numbers and so much more. You can find out a lot of personal information about a site owner.

If you want more detailed information such as the name of the domain owner, the contact address, other online profiles, etc then you will have to pay for the information. Most of the directories that charge are very reasonable. Usually if you buy one year of access then you can keep accessing the site for one whole year for only a few dollars. They usually provide unlimited access to their databases. You will have to pay for the report once you have found out the information you are looking for.

So, the next time you are asking yourself, how do I find out who is hosting a website, there is only one answer. Use a paid reverse directory. In most cases you will receive a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive then simply get your money back.