Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America

If you are looking for auto insurance that will cover your needs and still provide you with the coverage you need then it is time to learn about the worst insurance companies in America. If you already have car insurance but it doesn’t cover everything you need, or you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance but it doesn’t cover floods, earthquakes, storms, or other natural disasters, then you have found your best friend. These are known as all risk insurance policies. An all risk policy means that it will cover any losses incurred due to all causes.

WellPoint is one of the all risk, all coverage auto insurance companies in America. In recent years they have been denying several homeowner’s and renter’s flood, earthquake, and storm claims because many people were not able to make their claims on time or claimed too much on their policy. WellPoint has recently changed their policy and is now allowing those in need of a flood, earthquake, or storm coverage to receive help.

You may want to think twice about choosing WellPoint for your home insurance needs. Recently, the company decided to deny the claim of a woman who was killed in a cow stampede in upstate New York. This case was initially ruled in a wrongful death case by a district court judge. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has since dismissed this claim on the grounds that the event wasn’t a criminal accident and that it was ruled as a civil accident.

WellPoint is one of the most profitable insurance companies in America. Their stock price has increased almost three hundred percent over the last year. The reason that they are making huge profits is because of the high demand for their products. WellPoint was started in subsidiaries in the early nineteen eighties by Joseph I. DiNapoli and John W. Proctor III. Together they formed a company to focus on the transmission, distribution, and brokerage of electricity. They were able to build out a chain of over two hundred distribution centers and almost one hundred transmission stations in fifteen different states in the United States.

These insurance companies do a very good job of getting claimants paid when they need it. Many people are suspicious of how well they do at paying out when they actually need to. When you are filing a claim with WellPoint, you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to get you the compensation that you deserve. The first step that they will take is to assess the claim and determine if it is valid. If the claimants financial problems are beyond the ability of the company to handle, they will refer them to a qualified attorney to help them file the appropriate claim. They also have secondary benefits that they offer to claimants who lose their original settlement because of their circumstances.

When a WellPoint customer gets denied for a claim, they don’t take it lying down. The insurer has the right to appeal the denial, so there is always a chance that the company will win out a claim that they may have missed on their own. Many people are surprised to learn that the United States government does not recognize WellPoint’s appeals process as fair and even offers monetary damages in cases of wrongful death, personal injury, and medical malpractice. Because of this, lawyers from the Department of Justice are constantly suing WellPoint and other major insurance companies for denying patients the right to receive fair compensation. The amount of money involved in these cases can be staggering.

There are many reasons for why an individual could get a defective or substandard product, but the main reason is that the price of the products keeps going up, making it impossible for many individuals to afford to keep paying the high premiums. This has been a problem with most insurance policies in the United States, and has been the cause of a lot of lawsuits as well. Many of these lawsuits have been brought against major insurers such as WellPoint. It is well worth reading through all of the articles and reports that have been written about these ten worst insurance companies in America, and learning what steps you can take in order to avoid having your claims rejected and having your premium increased.

Some tactics work better than others in getting the insurance company to settle their claims without any increase in premiums. One strategy that has worked for many people is to create and collect post-disaster photos and videos of the damage done to property and bodies. Insurance companies are more likely to accept settlement deals if they see proof of the loss or damage and the subsequent repair work. It can take a lot of patience and hard work in order to gather this evidence, but the results can be worth it. Another tactic is to file a report with local law enforcement authorities regarding any suspicious activities surrounding the incident that would raise suspicions. A lot of times, claimants who make their way to the local police station will be able to get the police involved in their claims and cases in a positive way.

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