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EOle Insurance Companies, Limited (EO Insurance) is one of the leading Mauritian companies providing specialized insurance services and products. With almost fifty years of experience in the field of insurance, E Ole established its headquarters at Port Louis. The company has branches in all major cities across Mauritius. The company was established by Mr. Jamil Rashid Aul, who started his business in his own garage. Later, he decided to transform that garage into a fully fledged insurance company and opened his own office.

e o insurance companies

The Company has specialized products and services which include vehicle cover, travel insurance, business cover, medical insurance, and home insurance. The specialty of E Ole is its cheap rates for all these services. It is also renowned for offering its services with great service and a friendly environment. As the Company has many branches in different cities of Mauritius, its services are readily available wherever people are in need. Customers are advised to contact them in case of emergencies.

The company offers its services to both locals and tourists in Mauritius. However, the people in the former are better off as they are better acquainted with the language and culture of English. The people in the latter group are better off since English is also spoken in Mauritius. However, the people of the former group are more likely to use English when communicating with tourists and non-native Mauritian men. The men’s section of the company is headed by Mr. Nazeer Ahmed, who is very experienced and speaks excellent English.

The other most important division of the Company is its operations in South Africa. They provide their services in Durban, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. They have their manufacturing facility in Kaaphele and it produces cars and other vehicles like buses, trucks etc. Their other products include services like freight forwarders, logistics services, customs brokering etc.

The other division of the Company is its insurance division in India. Its service providers include insurance for property, travel, cargo, pet health, pet accidents, disability, personal accident, commercial vehicles, mining, earthquake, landmine, explosion, death and dismemberment. Insurance for property covers agricultural land, housing, manufactured goods, industrial estates and developments etc. Commercial vehicle insurance is meant for vehicles used for business purposes. Pet health insurance covers the health care expenses for the pet and its dependents during the period of their life.

The policy of the company is backed by the strength and experience of the licensed insurance executives of the company. It is an assurance that the insured risks will be well taken care of and the insurance claim will be settled in time. Insurance companies are also known as non-profit associations. One can donate to any of these associations and avail a discount on the premium. Companies have to pay tax on any amount received from a donor. You need to do a good research work to find out which company is the best to work with.

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